Frequently Asked Question

What is Fakturo?

Fakturo (also called fakturod as Fakturo daemon) is a daemon that provides a JSON API to create your invoices. Bundled with Fakturo, there’s a simple but useful client that will help you to create multiple invoices for your company without too many headaches. There’s also the possibility of adding a brand or customize it.

Fakturo Daemon is based on Go HTTP server, wkhtmltopdf and some HTML templates to create PDF invoice. Fakturo uses QR codes to embed a payment notice in the invoice, or in the final receipt of client. It supports more than +100 currencies, and it is not based on third parties^[1]. At the time of writing, Fakturo version is 0.0.3 (alpha state).

Is Fakturo compatible with MacOS, Windows, or mySuperCoolOS?

Yes, since Fakturo is available via Web through a helpful daemon, it’s compatible with all devices in the industry.

The requirements to host a Fakturod daemon are a Unix-based OS, with the support of latest version of Golang (1.17 at the time of writing). We suggest to add at least 500 MB of RAM to get daemon to produce PDF in an acceptable time (per our tests, acceptable time <= ~3s).

How does it work?

It works with MAGIC. Erhm, no. Our process is simple: once the data are collected through a POST request, Fakturo writes the data parsing a HTML template. Wkhtmltopdf does the rest: it captures a live-view of HTML file and produces a PDF that is served through Go HTTP Server. In the next versions of Fakturo, we will be able to provide users to configure their own template (fields) and optionally to customize the invoice with a custom design.

ETA for beta product?

We aim to release the beta version as soon as possible (we estimated the end of year).

Is the product free?

For the moment, Fakturo is free.

Are you in partnership with Fakturo[.]com or Fakturo[.]no ?

We’re not affiliated nor we are in contact with the team of Fakturo[.]com and Fakturo[.]no. Even if we’re not in touch with them, we’re terribly sorry to see those guys go.

Is the product open source?

No, the product is not open source. If you feel the binary might be malicious, simply setup a protected environment without minimum requirements for CPU, RAM and Network (you could disable all the third parties http request), and run fakturod. No data will ever be sent from your instance of Fakturo.

Missing question?

If you have a question, and you do not think we answered, please send us an email.

[1]: Except for CryptoCompare API to get exchange price. This can be disabled.