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0.0.3 Released

Read our blog post for getting started.

What is it?

Fakturo (in Esperanto invoice) is a daemon that creates, generates, and edits PDF invoices providing a fast and secure API based on HTML templates, wkhtmltopdf, and Go. Our team analyzed some of the products available in commercial invoicing and there were no tools that satisfied two key-features: usability (with a modern UI) and speed. Most of them were also outdated or integrated into commercial products.

In addition to this, no product at the moment provides a self-hosted option. With Fakturo, you simple run the daemon and you get a versatile, modern, creative interface at your own host to create your own invoice, without third parties.


Here are some comphrensive features of Fakturo:

Web Form

Fakturo employs a web-based form that can be opened into any browsers. No more problems to get the device to create the invoice with, you can even create a PDF with your fridge.

Powerful and Fast API

Powered by Go, Fakturo provides to developers a fast and helpful JSON API to create your invoices, or receipts with. You can even integrate Fakturo with your favorite tool of e-commerce.

Compatible with Cryptocurrencies

Are you a crypto-nerd? We're too! Fakturo is compatible with most of cryptocurrencies available in the market. From Bitcoin to Monero, you can generate the invoice with a payment notice (including a QR code).


Fakturo can be self-hosted, you only need a server that can execute a Go program. Don't rely on any third party, and we especially believe in privacy. Your data = your privacy.

Got interested?

At the moment Fakturo is in alpha state (current version: 0.0.3). The product will be released as freemium, without source code available. For more information, you can reach our Sales team that is available during office hours to answer all your questions.

Send us an e-mail: sales@fakturo.io


We are a little team that is funded by most of your donations.
Monero: 48YUeR1Uk6P5rbe5JvRZX9VCqzCdXBWeoVFJCwuW1BQqQS3F1Kh4L72Y3UxzfBh4fh35TwbVvkRmp6NYCDhoDebJPKt3TbH
Bitcoin: 1BTgB42Gr5nHbFRehEvboF2xUZJatrCMaz
Ethereum: 0xF88db399c6091Ed75336fbBC2576d790e0Ee4073


If you have discovered any vulnerabilities, you're free to submit any writing report to security@fakturo.io. We do not accept any writing report that are not in Scope (*fakturo.io, and Fakturo application).